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Perfect Interpretation

I had the pleasure of receiving a tattoo from Sumina on the back of my lower left leg.

beach sunset tattoo bySumina Shrestha, Tattoo Artist in Nepal

The service was 10/10 and the quality matched, Sumina helped me through the whole process and her design and interpretation of what I wanted was perfect.
I highly recommend getting a tattoo here.
Thank you again for your great work.


Pro service and great artist!

wolf ornamental tattoo in nepal by sumina shrestha

Had a really awesome experience with Sumina – I came to her with only a rough idea of the sort of tattoo and style I wanted, and she came up with an original piece which was much better than I was imagining – safe, clean and professional studio, relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and a great artist! I will be back!


Completely Satisfied with the Tattoo

If there’s anyone you want to go to get tattooed, go to Sumina. She does a great execution with attention to detail. The line work that she does is amazing.

Geometric Lines Tattoo, Nepal


Talented and professional tattoo artist

Mandala Tiger tattoo ornamental

The tattoo exceeded my expectations. The details, the placement and design is incredible. She is a very talented and a professional artist. The piece is amazing.


Perfectly Executed Tattoo

I am so thankful I met Sumina and that she did my first tattoo. She really gave me the time and support to define the tattoo in every detail, and patiently worked with me on the sketch until I was 100% satisfied with the idea. The design I had in mind was very simple, but needed precision to be accurate. She executed it perfectly.


Beautiful tattoo, from super talented tattoo artist

Sumina is very talented and has a lot of imagination so she will understand what you want very easily.

Her work is very good and precise, I adore what she tattooed on me.

She likes to make every tattoo, a unique piece that nobody has and will try to make your wish come true.

Believe me, she is so good. Also she is one of the few women doing that job and I am very happy I could get a tattoo from her! 🙂

Rose Tattoo in foot, Tattoo artist in Nepal


Best female artist in Nepal

Mountain Tattoo in Nepal, Sumina Shrestha

After looking around at various other shops and having quite a few tattoos on me I looked closely to each detail in their work but also how the shop was set up and how hygienic they were. Sumina’s art work and tattoo work is some of the finest I’ve seen. She has great solid black lines, great shading techniques and can adapt to most styles of tattooing. If she wasn’t so busy I’d get more before I leave. Also she is great to talk to and very friendly and helpful.

Ben Pereira

Great experience

I wanted to do a tattoo in Nepal and I can’t be more pleased to choose Sumina for it. I already had many tattoos but I was very impress with her professionality, technic and creativity…
I am very glad to have one from such a good artist.
Many thanks, hope to repeat one day…


Perfect, Professional & Friendly

This is my favorite tattoo shop. It is very clean and always a great place to get ink. Great customer service, positive environment and they always play good music i would highly recommend it to anyone interested in being tattooed.
I also can’t wait for my next tattoo.
Thanks for your awesome design and tattoo .

Siphara magar